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Welcome to the family.

A church in South Florida to help you discover & pursue God’s design for your life.

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Welcome to the family.

A church in South Florida to help you discover & pursue God’s design for your life.

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We have a place for you.

A place to learn. belong. heal. grow.


Which best describes you?

God’s design is best. Let’s figure it out together.

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. God has revealed His design for every area of our lives. A church family can help you discover & pursue God’s design from wherever you are.

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God has a design for every aspect of your life – your relationships, families, marriages, kids, money, sex life, and work life. We want to help you pursue it.

Neil Wood

Neil Wood’s life always felt off-track. Growing up, he periodically went to church, but never personally engaged with his faith. He continued to feel an emptiness that kept resulting in more sin and brokenness. Neil began going on runs with his neighbor. On their runs, they talked about God, which deepened Neil’s understanding of who He is. When Neil’s neighbor invited him to Family Church Village, Neil began attending and soon enrolled in a baptism class. It was then that Neil heard, understood, and believed the gospel. The emptiness he felt has been filled through his relationship with God. He looks forward to continuing to grow stronger in his faith each day.

Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle from Family Church Lake Park grew up Catholic. While serving in the military, he left the church, moved away from his roots, and felt far from God. God, however, was in relentless pursuit of Brian. As an electrical contractor, he worked on the renovation of the church and then began attending service on Sunday. Brian began to regularly meet with a church member to walk through a devotional together. It was then that Brian felt a need for a relationship with Jesus. He then repented and believed the gospel. Brian’s life changed after that. He now lives with a peace that surpasses understanding. He is grateful for a new set of friends to do life with. He enjoys studying the Bible and applying what he learns.

Ty & Carly Denman

When Ty and Carly Denman recently moved, they were looking for a neighborhood church for their blended family, and soon found Family Church North Stuart. Their love story began at another Family Church location. A few years ago, Carly became a widow. Instead of navigating the loss on her own, she leaned into God and her church family. After time spent healing in community, one of her pastors introduced her to another church member, Ty. Ty was a single father to three beautiful girls and a graduate of the church’s residency program. They fell in love and got engaged. Before getting married, they completed the church’s marriage preparation program and felt blessed by the resources to help build their family. Together they serve their church, teaching the Bible to students, supporting their spiritual growth and development.

How you can discover & pursue God’s design.

Experts tell us that people are simultaneously more connected and disconnected than ever before. In this age of constant digital connection, more and more people feel personally isolated, frustrated, anxious, and uncertain. Is that you? If so, then Family Church is here for you. If you are looking for a multigenerational, multicultural church near you in South Florida, check out our location map and plan your visit today. We have Family Church in Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie counties.

You might be wondering what to look for in a church? We’re not claiming to be a perfect church or the most popular church, but we do think we are the best church to help you discover God’s design for your life. We want to connect with you and help you find your place in our family at Family Church.

We are a church that helps families. We want to help you build your family by helping you discover and pursue God’s design. We are a multicultural Christian church. This means everyone is welcome at Family Church – every person from every place – every neighborhood and every race. Whether you are married or married again…whether you have your kids, his kids, or her kids…whether you are single or widowed…we are going to be family to each other.

We’re going to unite around our core values to teach the Bible, build families, and love our neighbors. First, we teach the Bible because we want to help you learn the Bible. The Bible reveals to you God’s design for every area of your life – your family life, friend life, sex life, money life, school life, and work life. God has a design for all of it. If you live according to God’s design, then you have the opportunity to live in the arena of God’s blessing. That is not to say that pursuing God’s design exempts you from problems or difficult circumstances. But it is true that living life according to God’s design is a better way to live than the alternatives.

The Bible is the focus of our Sunday morning worship experiences as well as all the other content we produce. We will teach your students and kids the same ideas you are learning in our church service and many of our small groups. You can take the truth of God’s Word and apply it to your life no matter your age or life stage.

Second, we build families, and we want to help you build your family. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes. If you are a parent, then we want to be your spiritual Home Depot – you can do it, we can help. The Bible teaches that you have the primary responsibility to raise your kids to know and love Jesus, but your church family is here to help you. We want to come alongside you and celebrate all of life’s milestones with you – from birth to high school graduation and hopefully beyond. We will challenge your kids and students to be leaders because we are serious about raising the next generation of Jesus people.

Our third core value is to love our neighbors. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, but the second is like it – to love your neighbors as yourself. At Family Church, we want to be people who are known for loving our neighbors. We want to help you love your neighbors through each of our neighborhood churches.

Take a moment now to plan your visit to one of our neighborhood churches in South Florida. We have a neighborhood church in Downtown West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Jupiter Farms, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, North Stuart, Jensen Beach, and Port St. Lucie. We also have a Spanish church in Greenacres, Downtown West Palm Beach, West Lake Worth, and Port St. Lucie, as well as a Portuguese church in Palm Beach Gardens.

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